Teachers Gone Wild: Pot-Loving Student-Lover Gets Probation

Which is fine, because the kid was already 17 years old. Erin Sayar was charged with rape, criminal sex act, sexual misconduct, and sexual abuse last year when she turned herself in More »

Worst Babysitter Ever Dresses Up As Werewolf to Scare Kids, Molests One

Look at that beast of a lady. Just look at her. If you were three years old, that is the absolute last thing you ever, ever want to see. It is almost More »

7 Crazy Courtroom Brawls (Videos)

Murderers should be at the mercy of the victim’s family, and all trashy courtrooms should be filmed at all times to provide us with more gems like watching an entire obese family More »

8 Disturbing 911 Calls (Audio)

Reality will always be more frightening than the monsters we love to create in stories and movies. Ghosts and demons have nothing on the human race. “The only real danger that exist More »

NJ Man Throws Own Intestines at Police

43-year-old Wayne Carter had been threatening to harm himself, leading the police to show up at his apartment. When they found him sitting in the corner, clutching a bloody knife, they demanded More »


11 Hot Girls Who Don’t Know How to Do Laundry (Pics)


Once upon a time, this.

So that’s where all the lost socks go, or something. Heh heh.











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